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09 March 2010 @ 07:28 pm

Oh my love, I have searched and searched for you, but you are no where to be found.
For hours, I have been up in the air: searching for you.
I left our bed once I noticed you had left.
Having you instead of a bed is something I would much rather have.
What are these moving boxes following a continuing grey line with white dashes in the middle of it?
Oh darling, how I wish you were here to tell me what they were.
I am so lost without you...
Is that- it can't be...!
My love!
My darling!
Your eyes- they're looking into mine.
There is a weird feeling in my chest...
I can't explain it.
Nevermind that!
How are you scratching at nothing...
I do not understand.
Is there a barrier blocking us?!

08 March 2010 @ 05:14 pm
Oh my love...
Where are we?
Bereft of you I have now become...!
You have left my side during the time we were supposed to be in a deep slumber.
How could you?
What's this?
Do I hear voices?
Oh Darling!
Come out where ever you are so I may embrace you in my arms that have become cold now!
I cannot see, you cannot see. 
Our love will have to guide us back together.
Voices, oh, voices!
What are you trying to tell me?! 
Where is my love?!
06 March 2010 @ 05:32 pm
Oh my love, we are on our journey.
The lands and beauties of the world are capturing your eyes and your excitement is capturing my heart.
Shall we land?
As a my crimson wings that have been put together by feathers defy gravity, humans are moving about.
What are they saying, Darling?
Are they admiring our love or our beauty or possibly that they have never seen such a thing before.
Perhaps they could just be going about their daily lives talking into boxes held to their heads and just glancing at us.
I don't know.
By the looks of your face, you seem to not know either.
"Как удивительный" "О мой!"
This is quite irritating my love! 
Let us leave! 
Please don't yell at me...
I didn't know what they were saying...
I am sorry, please forgive me.
Confusion simply got the best of me darling.
06 March 2010 @ 01:33 pm

Oh my love, I have reincarnated my soul and now I live in the body of a cardinal.
I maintain my wings that gracefully carry me on my journey.
I no longer have dust on my wings and the outlining design of a chapel's painted glass does not decorate my still crimson wings.
All I would shed was dust, but now I just shed feathers.
As I travel around the world to find your love, a fether falls off occasionally, marking where I have searched.
Darling, I am on a mission to steal your heart and soul.
I intend on completing this mission.
I will judge your inner soul and find that you are the one for me.
Under my wings you will stay as we embark on a new journey; a new journey together.
We will venture through the joys and difficulties of our love that links us.
Never will you fall from under my wings because your heart and soul is the purest of all; that is why I embarked on this journey.

06 March 2010 @ 01:27 pm

Oh my love, are you aware of what time of the year it has become now? 
Here, I will give you a intimation to soothe your perplexed mind.
My wings are crimson, outlined by black designs that resemble painted glass in a chapel.
Soon I will be sojourning in a bed I will have made for myself.
Once I bloom someone from the race of humans will take their ambidextrous hands and entrap me.
My nonchalent wings will be bereft of the enchanting dust that used to lay elegantly on them.
Without that magical like substance, my demise will most likely be negligible to my existance.
Once I am thrown carelessley on the dirty floor after I am killed, I will reincarnate.
I am not sure on what I will be reborn as this time, but I know my bed will support my developing time.
Winter has passed, and spring has arrived. I am a beautiful butterfly at the moment but soon, I will be of another kind.